The following Testimonies were sent to us from Coxwain showing the impact of The Word for today on people as they are encouraged to share it with family and friends…

This is a picture of Siria taken after a Church Service in Gizo this morning. She is a passionate and faithful advocator of TWFT. She used to send copies of the TWFT to his brother, a Church Minister in Kiribati. I explained to her again this morning that Kiribati has its own edition now, she does not have to send copies to Kiribati anymore. She will start distributing some copies of TWFT tomorrow.

Siria from Gizo

This is Pastor Charlie of United Church.

He is also one of the passionate and faithful reader of TWFT. Last Friday, he told me that more people are beginning to like TWFT. He also mentioned that he uses this devotional guide for his family devotion.

Pastor Charlie

This is Simeon, he is a retired Senior fully certified radio technician. Simeon, is a passionate, faithful reader and advocator of TWFT and keen listener of Laef FM. He started in 2019. This is a picture of a short hand written note expressing his gratefulness.

Simeon and his note

Kind Regards