Reaching Samoa for Christ

Laufou O Le Talalelei has been broadcasting (on 95.1 fm and 103.1 fm) for over 10 years.

Today we are a full affiliate of UCB Asia Pacific (part of United Christian Broadcasters International) so we receive technical support and practical development assistance and can offer you The Word for Today.

With training, IT expertise, business management, equipment maintenance, publicity and public relations, Laufou O Le Talalelei is making strong headway from being just a local Apia station toward bringing Christian radio to everyone in Samoa.

Positive and Encouraging

The teaching and music you’ll hear on our station is laid back and God focused.

We, like many of our community leaders, are concerned for the welfare of the next generation, as higher education, the search for employment and the frustrations of insufficient job vacancies lead many to abandon their rural/village life and its associated community and family infrastructure, as well as the traditional values of our nation. That is why we are also offering Life FM as a live stream here on our website and in our app to our Samoan young people.

Samoa Blow Holes
Working Together

Our ministry is all about partnership. Our staff believe Laufou O Le Talalelei has a valuable role to play in speaking to the lives of all Samoans. And thorough Life FM we are also giving our next generation high quality and Biblically sound music and programs, reaching them through their mobile phones and the internet.. But this can only be achieved when we work together. It’s not what we do but rather what we can do together with your help!

Apia, Samoa
The Word for Today
In addition to broadcasts, we are pleased to be able to offer you the internationally-popular and much-sought-after daily devotional The Word for Today.

You’ll hear it on air and it is also available as a printed book and of course here on our website. Read it here, or click here to find out more.

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