Building Men and Women of God (1)

Feb 28, 2020

‘These commandments… Impress them on your children.’Deuteronomy 6:6–7 NIV

A great preacher once said, ‘When times are troubled we cry, “God, give us men to match our mountains.” In reply, God gives us children and says, “Here’s the building material.”’ We are expected to nurture them so they develop into men and women of God. Here’s a Bible blueprint. (1) ‘These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.’ Parent, if you don’t practise Scriptural principles, your children won’t either. Indeed, if you don’t live what you preach your words will fall on deaf ears and create rebellious hearts. You don’t have to be perfect, but you must be genuine. (2) ‘Impress them on your children.’ You must emphasise, stress, prompt, make clear, drum in and imprint. Nothing passing or passive there! It’s to be a deliberate, thorough, active and repeated process. (3) ‘Talk about them.’ Your kids won’t catch the truth by osmosis. You have to talk, not in religious-sounding tones they don’t understand, but in natural language, in natural ways, at natural times. ‘Talk about them when you sit at home,’ in the comfort of familiar surroundings. ‘When you walk along the road’, in the easy give-and-take environment on the way to the park or to school. ‘When you lie down and when you get up’, watching for opportunities, because teachable moments come and go unannounced. Parents who ‘seize the day’ discover that God has equipped them to mould their children into men and women of God.

SoulFood: Gen 13–16, Matt 18:21–35, Ps 61, Pro 6:16–19
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