It seems that in times of crisis, we see both the best and the worst of humanity. So, what are you showing the world? Your best, or your worst?

Different parts of the world have suffered vastly different infection and death rates from the COVID-19 virus. Italy, Spain, parts of the US like New York City … in places like that, it’s really serious with tens of thousands of deaths. But even in a country like India where to date the infection rates are very low, there’s huge upheaval and misery going on.

And under those circumstances, you do indeed see the best and the worst of humanity. My wife was at the supermarket the other day buying a single packet of toilet paper when a woman physically pushed her away and grabbed it out of her hands. Really?

Look, in times like these our survival instinct does cut in and by all means we should be doing what our governments tell us in terms of social distancing and isolation. Absolutely!

But for anyone who believes in Jesus, now is the time to shine His light. Now is the time to serve, to help that elderly neighbour, to keep in touch with family members, to sacrifice for others. Jesus put it like this:

Mark 10:43,44 Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.

When we give others our best, the light of Christ shines into dark places.